The “first unapologetically patriotic bar” is set to make its debut in downtown Nashville.

On the corner of Fourth Avenue and Broadway, The Freedom Social will serve craft beer while honoring those who have given back to both the country and the community.

Responsible for this patriotic pub are Josh Romaker and Andrew Lang, two retired Green Berets from the United States Army Special Forces and now two bar owners.

Romaker owns The Star Spangled Brewing Company in Clarksville, while his friend Lang runs The Leatherwood Distillery in Pleasant View.

With the help of some mutual friendships and connections, Romaker and Lang jumped at the opportunity of owning a bar on Broadway when it presented itself.

“It’s going to be a new flare for downtown where people can come and give back. An unapologetically patriotic bar on Broadway is needed,” Romaker said.

The giving back he is referring to is Freedom Social’s way of honoring first responders, the military, and other patriotic organizations.

Every month with each drink purchased, $1 will be donated to a selected nonprofit organization. Freedom Social will then host the organization at the end of the month and present them with a check with all of the profits raised.

For Romaker, owning a bar came down to the core characteristics. Ones that he felt were similar to those being a Green Beret.

“I loved what I did as a Green Beret,” he said. “It was exciting, fun, and creative. I wanted to do something along those same lines when I got out, and being an entrepreneur and starting a brewery checked all those boxes off for me.”

While exciting, fun, and creative are all qualities that Romaker values, one remains superior.

“Unapologetically patriotic.”

It’s something that Romaker believes is lacking in today’s world and what makes Star Spangled Brewing Co., Leatherwood Distillery, and The Freedom Social so special.

“My brewery was founded on being unapologetically patriotic and giving back. We support our first responders and law enforcement,” he said. “Part of being unapologetically patriotic is recognizing the people who protect us and keep us safe and free, whether it be nurses, firefighters, teachers, anyone.”

The Freedom Social will be located on the second floor on the corner of Fourth and Broadway. The projected opening date is the Fourth of July.

Additional details will be announced soon which can be found on Star Spangled Brewing Company’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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