A collaboration between an innovative furniture company and a creative real estate firm is offering a fresh take on apartment-styled hotel and long-term living space rentals in Nashville.

Focused on space-saving furniture, Resource Furniture has partnered with Bento Box LLC, a real estate company that focuses on simple, flexible and convenient living to design and create BentoLiving Chestnut Hill hotel located at 321 Hart Street.

The partners’ goal is simple — maximize space by utilizing every square inch to expand functionality within the room.

In doing so, the BentoLiving rooms are filled with Resource Furniture pieces, which act as multiple components in one.

“Multi-functional pieces allow you to transform any room and have the furniture act as an extension of a space’s architecture, making it feel twice the size,” said Challie Stillman, vice president of sales and design at Resource Furniture.

One of Resource Furniture’s multi-functional pieces is its Italian wall bed that includes a built-in sofa.

“Wall beds not only provide comfortable sleeping accommodations, but also have a second function when the bed is not in use — like an integrated sofa, dining table, or desk for working from home — enabling homeowners to get twice as much flexibility and functionality from a space,” Stillman said.

Other pieces of furniture that Resource Furniture offers include transforming tables, wall bunks beds, convertible desks and more, although the Penelope Sofa wall bed and  custom pivoting TV mount system are the only two current pieces in BentoLiving apartments.

BentoLiving’s innovative design and transformable furniture pieces separate itself from traditional hotels and rentals, but they are not the only element that makes these rooms unique.

The rooms offered by BentoLiving act as both hotel rooms and long-term stay apartments.

For short-term housing, BentoLiving offers nightly rates up to 30 days.

Guests who are looking for longer stays are offered a discounted monthly rate as long as the reservation is over 30 days.

COO of Bento Box, Justin Koziol, said that there are a variety of guests who use the apartments, including individuals on business trips, vacations, or those who are looking for a permanent place to stay.

While BentoLiving might sound similar to other housing rental programs such as Airbnb or VRBO, Stillman noted there are some major differences.

Each rental comes with state-of-the-art equipment and amenities, such as Bosch appliances, smart TVs, spa-inspired showers, bespoke furnishings and décor and more.

They also provide complimentary personal care kits, various household essentials and a list of events that can help their guests become comfortable with not only their apartment, but with the city of Nashville as well.

“Unlike an AirBNB or VRBO, BentoLiving offers a full event calendar with tons of activities to make the most of your stay here in Nashville,” Stillman said. “This includes free onsite fitness classes, yoga, live music, rooftop patio movies, and other activities.”

Both Koziol and Stillman want their guests to feel like a local, whether the individual is staying at the apartment for a short or long period.

“BentoLiving allows you to experience Nashville like a local, with all the amenities of home right at your fingertips,” said Stillman. “Whether you’re planning a staycation or visiting Nashville for the very first time, BentoLiving is truly your “home base.”

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