In a world where dogs give us their never-ending love, Baxter Bailey & Company is flipping the script and returning the favor.

“Luxury living for the discriminating mutt” is their slogan. Located on Fatherland Street in East Nashville, Baxter Bailey & Company sells exclusive canine products that are made in the USA.

However, that’s not all.

This isn’t your ordinary pet store. It’s a community that prioritizes the lives of our beloved furry friends. One that will make both you and your dog feel good, no matter how “ruff” your day is going.

Providing health and wellness

Organic food, infinite treats and a wide variety of toys are just some of the items offered to pamper your pooch.

Looking for something to reward your favorite furry friend? Choose from their toy section that has countless options such as tennis ball launchers, super-sized chew toys and dog-themed puzzles.

If you’d rather give them a treat instead, you’re in luck. Only these aren’t your average Milk Bones.

While they do have specialized treats that help with allergies, joint support and immunity, Baxter Bailey & Company is known for its in-store bakery.

Shelves are filled with yogurts cups, “paw-ty donuts”, and only the best squirrel-shaped cookies ever made.

They also have the The Dog Ice Creamery, which sells flavors like “Barkberry Blue,” “Pup-kin Spice” and “Wigglebutt Vanilla.”

Whichever product, toy, or sweet treat is chosen, it’s sure to make your dog’s tail wag.

All dogs (and humans) can join in on the fun.

“Small and large, tall and short, pedigree and mutt — no one is left out” the business proclaims.

In addition to their health and wellness products, what sets Baxter Bailey & Company apart is their commitment to building a stronger relationship between dog and owner.

Building a stronger bond

The business’ mission statement is to “provide quality lifestyle products for all dogs and their families.”

Humans and dogs sharing the same products? Well, not quite.

While kibbles for humans are being put on hold, they do offer some very nice alternatives.

These include picture frames, magnets and signs, all of which can symbolize memories that are made.

Their “pet lover” apparel for humans is also fashionable. The only thing that looks better than that is the attire they sell for dogs.

Whether it’s the apparel, treats or toys, Baxter Bailey & Company finds a way to go above and beyond.

Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason. Why shouldn’t they be treated as such?

Baxter Bailey & Company makes it that much easier.

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