An innovative gas delivery service has recently moved its headquarters from San Francisco’s Silicon Valley to Music City.

Co-founded by Nashville native and CEO Bryan Frist in 2015, Yoshi is a company that offers a variety of car services, all of which will be delivered to wherever the customer’s car is parked.

Since then, millions of dollars have been invested into Yoshi by companies such as GM Ventures and ExxonMobil, and individuals such as NBA superstar Kevin Durant and NFL legend Joe Montana.

When asked about the company’s relocation, Frist said he believes Nashville reflects the country and customer base well.

“Nashville is growing,” he said. “People are really hungry for innovation and proud of all the innovation that is happening in this city. It’s one of our best consumer markets.”

As for the motive behind the company’s startup, “it was a surge in delivery services over the past few years,” according to Frist.

“In the age where everything is getting delivered by companies like Amazon, Instacart, and others, our thought was why not gas?” he said. “People just assume they need to travel across town to get gas when in reality they don’t.”

Customers can download the app and see if their location is available for Yoshi’s services before choosing either a monthly membership ($20) or an annual membership of $192 ($16 per month).

Once a member, gas fill-ups, oil changes, and other car services that are safe, contactless and convenient become just a finger click away. Reduced gas prices, as well as additional special deals, are also offered to Yoshi fuel members.

After an order is placed through the app, the company sends one of their employees paired with a versatile service truck to the customer’s preferred location to carry out the request.

Along with the company’s announcement of its new headquarters comes a sizeable amount of potential careers.

Frist shared that Yoshi currently has 100 employees scattered throughout the country, but plans to bring that same number of opportunities to the Music City.

It’s an exciting time to be hiring,” he said. “Just in the past week, we’ve brought on five or six more people here in Nashville. Our goal is to hire 100 people for tech software engineers, fuel drivers, technicians, and everything in between like operations, marketing, and sales.”

One reason Frist is confident of the company’s growth is its Net Promoter Score (NPS), which has consistently remained above 95.

An NPS is a market research metric that ranges from -100 to 100, measuring the rate of the customer’s likelihood to recommend it to someone else.

“It’s certainly unheard of in the automobile service industry. Gas stations and oil change shops can have negative NPS’s and experiences,” said Frist. “The writing is on the wall in terms of people love what we’re doing. Once people are on the Yoshi bandwagon, they rarely get off,” he added.

For additional information on Yoshi’s services and careers, you can visit their website at

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