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At this time of the year when so many are expressing thanks for our blessings, there is a unique opportunity for local residents to be a blessing to others in our community all year long. It’s called the Fairview Blessing Box, and it is located at Westview United Methodist Church.

The young sharpshooters harvested 70 bucks and 11 does during the weekend of hunting. The heaviest buck harvested weighed 179 pounds and the heaviest doe weighed 107 pounds. Weights were taken from field dressed deer. The harvested buck with the most impressive rack had 14 points.

Dickson County natives Damion Christy, Josh Barber and Richard Keith Bellar grew up together and bonded over a love of pursuing truth and making the unknown known. The three would explore abandoned houses and document what they saw. It was something the trio often talked about doing on a grander scale as adults. When Bellar was killed in 2011, Christy felt the urgency to do what his departed comrade couldn’t.

Ashland City resident and former teacher and attorney Jane Crisp is passionate about helping children and ensuring they have a bright future. A big concern of hers for the next generation is climate change, so she wanted to do what she can to help those who come after her care for the environment in clean and responsible ways.

Owners of the Hancock House – once a popular Bed and Breakfast at 2144 Nashville Pike, are moving forward with a permit to partially demolish the two-story log structure following a fire last year.

Wilson County veterans received words of appreciation and gratitude as people filled the Wilson County Veterans Museum for the annual Wilson County Veterans Day celebration last Friday.

What started as one mom’s mission to make the school day a little easier for students at her child’s school has mushroomed into a community-wide effort to try to meet students’ basic needs in nearly every Sumner County school.


“The Greatest Generation” is generally defined as Americans born from 1901-1927, who lived through the Great Depression and later either fought or were involved in the war industry. It is estimated that only around 300,000 persons of that generation are alive today.

On April 18, 1942, a covert band of 80 American servicemen led by Lt. Col. James H. Doolittle successfully completed the first bombing of the Japanese mainland during World War II. Those 80 men would be memorialized as The Doolittle Raiders, and it was their segment of pivotal American military history which was the focus of the 2022 Cheatham County Veterans Day Service held Friday.