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The theme for the 2022 Ashland City Christmas Parade is movies. Both Christmas and movies are often associated with tales of miracles and persistence against all odds. This year’s grand marshal, Diesel Peden, embodies all of those things and more.

Ashland City resident and former teacher and attorney Jane Crisp is passionate about helping children and ensuring they have a bright future. A big concern of hers for the next generation is climate change, so she wanted to do what she can to help those who come after her care for the environment in clean and responsible ways.

On April 18, 1942, a covert band of 80 American servicemen led by Lt. Col. James H. Doolittle successfully completed the first bombing of the Japanese mainland during World War II. Those 80 men would be memorialized as The Doolittle Raiders, and it was their segment of pivotal American military history which was the focus of the 2022 Cheatham County Veterans Day Service held Friday.

Tennessee is synonymous with music. The wealth of artists and musicians the Volunteer State has and continues to produce is both an anchor of its past and the gateway to its future, and an important part of that heritage is Cheatham County native and Dickson County resident Craig Morgan.

During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent supply chains issues that led to bare grocery store shelves and widespread panic, many felt the need to become more self-sufficient and cognizant of where their food came from. For Cheatham County residents Jason and Megan Hicks, a global crisis turned into an opportunity to better themselves and serve their community.

Parker Towing broke ground for its long-anticipated Nashville Marine Terminal at 1053 Trinity Road in Ashland City last Wednesday. According to a press release from Parker Towing, the company will develop 15 acres of the 23-acre site for a multimodal river port and cargo storage.

The Quintenn Clark Foundation President and co-founder Anthony “AC” Clark said most people don’t think addiction will affect them. He never imagined his All-American son Quintenn would struggle, let alone lose his life, to it. AC said the morning of his son’s death due to accidental overdose, he read that Cheatham County led the state for drug overdose deaths per capita.


David Anderson wears three capes: one as entrepreneur and owner of Anderson’s Janitorial Service, one as 1st District Cheatham County Commissioner, and one as Titan Man, the Tennessee Titan superfan persona he created 23 years ago.

While many summer activities, from cross-country road trips to days out on the lake, release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and trap heat, one Nashville-area college student spent her summer in a cutting-edge chemistry lab working to capture greenhouse gases.

Clarksville native Bonnie Ellingwood loves family and loves helping others feel comfortable in their own skin. White Pony Piercing & Jewelry, which she opened on April 20, provides a way for her two loves to come into their own.

When Cheatham County resident David “Dave” Evans looks at the used car parts spread across what’s left of his father’s former salvage yard, he doesn’t see items that have lost their usefulness. Rather he sees beautiful works of art waiting to be born.

JT Smith was sworn in as Ashland City’s new mayor by Ashland City judge Bill Stinnett at the town council’s meeting on Tuesday, June 14, while 2nd Ward councilman Gerald Greer was also appointed as vice mayor.

Austin Williams, who was Sycamore’s ace pitcher and leadoff hitter before graduating last month, has a few more talents than just what he shows off on the baseball field.