Jennifer Vazquez

Jennifer Vazquez is a songwriter, musician, mindset coach and de-clutterer.

Jennifer, please tell us a little about yourself.

I was born and raised in The Bronx. I lived in Astoria, Queens in my early to late 20’s. I moved to LA for seven years and then moved back to The Bronx in 2009. In 2016, I moved to East Nashville, which is where I currently live. I am a mindset coach and a declutterer of one’s mind and home. I offer decluttering, organizing and mindset coaching services.


My mom and siblings live in NYC and my dad lives in Florida. I am not married nor do I have kids.

You are a songwriter, singer and musician. Did your love of performing lead you to Nashville?

Yes and no. I pursued a career as a singer / songwriter in New York until I was 28. Then I moved to LA to hone my songwriting skills and experience life to the fullest. After that journey felt complete, I moved back to New York to regroup. When that chapter felt complete, I decided to move to Nashville. I had been here a few times over the years and always loved it. I did consider moving to Seattle, Vancouver, Austin or New Orleans, but Nashville just felt right. It was a place where I could build a new life, even if music ended up not being a full-time career.

What is your singing, writing style? Do you write all your songs?

I tend to write songs that end up being pop, folk, rock and blues. And yes, I write all my songs.

Where can we see you perform?

I’ll be performing on Wednesday, September 22 at 8:30 p.m. at The Bowery Vault in East Nashville.

Tell us about your published music.

I have four studio albums, ‘Rediscovering Me’, ‘A Very Jenny Christmas’, ‘Bend’ and ‘Another Day in The Dark’. I have four singles, ‘Getting Out of My Own Way’, ‘A Christmas Medley’, ‘I Wanna Be Pinocchio’ and ‘Lone Pine’. And I have an acoustic EP, ‘Just Me & My Taylor’ and an acoustic album, ‘Silenced’. I recorded ‘Just Me & My Taylor’ and ‘Silenced’ over a weekend with a producer friend of mine when I was street performing on The Third Street Promenade down in Santa Monica. It was only sold on The Promenade. I never officially released it online.

You are a de-clutterer and mindset coach. How did this come about?

Well, after successfully doing music for the past 25 years and after having had so many adventures that have literally taken me all over the world, I had a shift in thought a few years back. I wanted to create a business that fit my personality, skills and gifts. I’ve learned more and more to listen to my intuition — from all the ups and downs I’ve experienced and especially from the sudden passing of my best friend and soulmate of 25 years almost three years back now. So, this shift in thought wasn’t something I was gonna let pass me by. I put it out to The Universe. I asked for guidance around what this business should be.

I guess to be totally transparent, I’ll say that I’ve become more spiritually aligned over the last 11 years; through my own recovery with addiction; around food, money and men. And from my own recovery, I’ve compiled lots of tools and techniques that have helped me get through the toughest and darkest of times in my life.

And then, as soon as I shared what I was doing with my community, I received a few simple asks from old friends of mine needing guidance around decluttering their homes, as well as coaching them in certain areas of their life that they felt stuck in. Helping them get clear on what was stopping them from living a life they loved, and then getting them unstuck, gave me such purpose, fulfillment and inner peace.

So, you help people declutter their minds and physical spaces? What’s your basic philosophy on this?

I have a technique I created called, “From Breakdown to Breakthrough”.

It consists of four steps.

Rewind: We explore your past and find the block that’s been keeping you stuck.

Replay: We get clear around how that block; that subconscious story you’ve been telling yourself, has been running your life.

Erase: We say goodbye to that story you’ve been telling yourself, once and for all.

Re-Create: We uncover your limiting beliefs, replace them with unlimiting beliefs and re-create a life that you love.

How many people have you “decluttered emotionally and physically?

Gosh! Between the two, I’d say over 60 people so far. It’s pretty awesome to witness my clients’ transformations — inside and out — as I guide them through both the emotional and physical decluttering process.

Give me one solid tip to help me decluttered my ever-muddled mind these days. What one thing should we de-clutter first in our home?

The best way to get unstuck is to get back into the present moment and out of your head. And the best way to do that is to take action. So, I’d say when you are feeling like you want to explode — because there’s so much negative chatter going on in your head — take a walk around the corner, drive to your neighborhood park and experience nature, declutter a small space in your home — like a kitchen drawer or underneath your sink — or pick up the phone and call a friend and simply ask them how they are doing and if they need support in any way today.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I’m a “one day at a time” kind of woman. I don’t like to think ahead, as life is very unpredictable. I will say, however, that I would like to create a successful coaching / decluttering business that allows me the freedom to live a life I love, doing all the things I love with who I love.

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