Humpday Throwback

Donelson School, formerly on the site of First Baptist Church on Lebanon Road, is pictured prior to an April 1923 tornado that blew off the roof. After the tornado, Donelson Grammar School on Donelson Pike was built. According to an account recorded by Leona Taylor Aiken, on that day, the Donelson Grammar School students were out at recess around lunch when Principal J.T. Braley came out of the school and rang the big school bell. The students were directed into the auditorium because a big storm was coming. The tornado blew the tin roof up and set it down crookedly on the supporting walls. Bricks fell from four chimneys and terrified the children. No children were physically injured, but a man named Mark Benson was treated. After this, the rest of the school year was held at various churches until a new building was built on Donelson Pike. PHOTO COURTESY OF LOUISE MORGAN

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