Humpday Throwback

Those born after the early 1990s may not remember the Opryland USA Theme Park or know about it at all. For some, the unique place was a summer activity to look forward to each year. Between 1972-97, the music-themed park entertained millions of visitors in suburban Nashville. It opened each May and closed each October, only to reopen again each December for its highly anticipated holiday-themed attractions. The park offered rides like roller coasters and carousels and was known for its popular music shows that included all genres. Traveling artists and shows like Family Feud held live shows on the grounds of Opryland. The rides themselves were popular enough through the years to bring guests back again and again. Some of the most memorable Opryland rides included the Grizzly River Rampage, Chaos, Wabash Cannonball and the Hangman. The park was torn down in 1997 after Gaylord Properties decided to build a year-round attraction, which became Opry Mills. PHOTO COURTESY OF TENNESSEECONCERTS.COM/FACEBOOK OPRYLAND USA – THEME PARK

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