Humpday Throwback

Local Phillip Clairborne loves to draw local venues in the Hermitage, Donelson and Old Hickory areas, including a drawing of President Andrew Jackson’s tomb at the Hermitage. When Rachel Jackson died suddenly Dec. 22, 1828, Andrew Jackson had yet to make any preparations for their final resting place. Andrew Jackson decided to bury Rachel Jackson in her garden at the Hermitage as it was her favorite place. Andrew Jackson had a small frame house erected over her limestone burial crypt temporarily until a more suitable monument could be built. In 1831, Andrew Jackson hired architect David Morrison to remodel the Hermitage mansion and build a tomb for both Rachel Jackson and him. No doubt at Andrew Jackson’s suggestion, Morrison’s tomb design strongly resembled a Greek temple found in the Telemachus scenic wallpaper that Rachel Jackson chose for the Hermitage entrance hall. Work began on the limestone tomb with its frame and copper roof in late 1831 and finished in summer 1832. IMAGE COURTESY OF PHILLIP CLAIBORNE

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