Humpday Throwback

Alfred Jackson, known as Uncle Alfred, was a faithful servant to President Andrew Jackson for many years. He was born in 1805 and died when he was 96. He was buried next to the tomb of the former president. An obituary published Sept. 6, 1901 in the The Commercial on page 4 said, “Old Uncle Alfred Jackson, the former body guard of Gen. Andrew Jackson and the last survivor of the old circle of family servants at the Hermitage, died Wednesday night at 9:40 o'clock at the age of 96. Until a short time before he died, Uncle Alfred was unconscious. As the shadows of evening fell, he grew reminiscent of the days when the historic old home place was at the height of its glories, rehearsing old familiar stories to his son Gus, who is himself something like 60 years of age. Uncle Alfred has for years been an interesting figure around the Hermitage, He has been in feeble health for more than a year past and those accustomed to seeing his familiar figure and hearing his quaint stories of the Hermitage never failed to visit him in his home. Uncle Alfred was born on the Hermitage farm shortly after Gen. Jackson made that spot his home and has never left the place.” PHOTO COURTESY OF FIND A GRAVE AND LEONA TAYLOR AIKEN

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