The Girl in 6E

“The Girl in 6E” by Alessandra Torre

“The Girl in 6E” was good, I’ll admit that. But at the same time, the heroine became predictable, leaving me wishing for a better ending.

This book by Alessandra Torre is a quick and even entertaining read. It didn’t take me much time to flip this one open and read it through.

Our main character is Deanna, who feels she has the tendencies of a murderer. That means she hasn’t left her apartment in years. To compensate for never leaving her house, Deanna uses her computer skills as an online cam girl to come up with the money to live. Even in pre-COVID times, she has everything delivered to her door, and she has her neighbor lock her inside at night so she can’t get out, when her tendencies are allegedly the worst.

To be honest, I expected more out of the character and deeper concentration into these serial killer desires, but our author deviates from that and focuses more on the cam girl aspect of what Deanna does for a living. I wanted to know more on how a woman at 21 knew she was homicidal to those around her and how we got to this point in greater detail than Torre provided.

But what does it take to get Deanna to leave the apartment?

It turns out it’s a kid in danger, and we are left wondering if Deanna will break her promise to herself in order to save this child’s life. The author does a good job of letting that hang in the balance, but it’s not for long enough, in my opinion.

For readers who like a quick thriller, this book is definitely for them.

Those readers will fly right through this book for the mere curiosity of if Deanna will leave.

But for me, I guessed the ending near the end of the book, and that left me unsatisfied. In a thriller, I want to be left in suspense until the last few pages. I am not saying this isn’t a good book and everyone will figure out the end so quickly. For me, I just left feeling not as enthralled as I could be with the thriller genre.

Other than that, I found the writing was good throughout the tale, and the cam girl angle of her work did intrigue me.

This is not a thriller I would read again, but I suggest you give it at least one spin through for your thrill reads.

Emily West is a journalist living in Franklin.

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