Reading scripture can be an integral part of participating in one’s religion and bringing a faithful community together. Scripture is an essential component of weekly faith services, but the Bible can be embraced any day of the week.

Many may be surprised to discover that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt first declared the week of Thanksgiving as National Bible Week in 1941. National Bible Week encourages people to read the Bible or listen to its verses.

The event is sponsored by the National Bible Association and the U.S. Catholic Council of Bishops. National Bible Week 2021 will mark the 80th commemoration of the event.

The timing of National Bible Week was perhaps intentional. The end of November marks the beginning of the season of thanks, faith and family. It’s a time of year full of community- and family-centric holidays. Incorporating faith into the mix can make the celebrations even more complete.

Even though National Bible Week may have a decidedly Christian slant, people of all religions can choose to rekindle or fully embrace their respective faiths and make them a priority this time of year.

The following are just a few ways to be more faithful in honor of this event, as well as all year long:

Pair youth with older adults and encourage them to read religious passages together.

Attend a religious service one or more times during National Bible Week and throughout the holiday season.

Choose a favorite piece of scripture and share with others why it is so meaningful to you.

Get a head start on the Christmas season by rediscovering Biblical passages that refer to the birth of Jesus Christ.

Visit services with a member of a different religion and learn about their texts and traditions.

Share God’s word in social media or exemplify it by being more patient, loving and supportive of people in your community.

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