Please allow us to introduce you to another wonderful Nashville Humane Association dog named Piper, who is as beautiful as she is fun and friendly. Piper will watch you walk in a room, stare you down with those heterochromia eyes of hers and steal your heart. What is heterochromia? It’s when a dog (or any animal — human, too!) has differently colored eyes. So, we must ask. Which one is your favorite? Her baby blue or the chocolate brown? (Side note: There is no wrong answer to this question, so you are totally allowed to answer “Both!”)

Here’s some more about this adult dog who still acts like a young pup.

Piper is an energetic, friendly, fun-loving dog who is filled with excitement when she’s outside, and she certainly knows how to play while enjoying every moment of it. When she sees a leash, the tail starts wagging and she is ready to go. When she is not playing, this gal loves people and wants to be hanging out right next to you. Ideally, she would do best in a home without other animals. She is dog selective, meaning she cannot go into a home with another dog without a mandatory meet and greet here at NHA before adoption or even short-term fostering (please note: a future home with no small dogs or cats at all). Also, she is protective of her stuffed toys. So, an only dog home for her truly is the best.

So yes, adoption or fostering is what Piper is looking for!

Piper is a 3-year-old German shepherd/husky mix who is looking for a forever home, but to give her a little break from shelter life, she is also eligible for foster, and we are currently looking for an amazing foster ambassador to take her in. More about being an NHA foster ambassador: Sometimes super solid dogs in shelters (like Piper) get overlooked for a variety of reasons, and that’s where our foster ambassador program comes in. Foster ambassadors provide a dog with a much-needed break from the shelter (even the most adjusted dog can start to experience kennel stress), and while in foster, the dog is featured on our website, social media and, of course, to the foster’s own network of friends. As the foster ambassador you get to facilitate meet and greets and help your foster dog meet his or her new family. It really is the coolest program and allows for us to extend our adoption program beyond our facility.

OK, foster or adopt, who wants to meet Piper? Please head on over to NHA and visit her. She loves making new friends. Thank you.

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