Allow us to introduce you to a Nashville Humane Association dog named Hot Chocolate who is available for adoption and looking for his forever home.

“Hi there! My name is Hot Chocolate. And isn’t having Hot Chocolate this time of year the best? How about every single day? Waking up to Hot Chocolate by your side? Yup. That’s what life would be like if you adopted me, Hot Chocolate, to make you smile morning, noon and night!

“I live in a Pet of the Week room here at NHA, so I’m literally the first dog you will meet when you walk in NHA’s front doors. Trust me, you can’t miss me. Just look for the dog with the soulful eyes that are filled with the unconditional love I will have for you when you bring me home.

“I am a 1-year-old, 54-pound dog who is as sweet as my name. I’m a big cuddler who likes spending lots of time with my humans. I seem to think that I fit perfectly in their laps, and I love giving them kisses — only when they ask, of course (wink wink). I also love to play with my toys, and I’ve been working on my fetch game lately. I’m getting pretty good. You know, I bring the ball back most of the time. Sometimes I sit, too — especially if there’s a treat in your hand. Yup. What can I say? Actually, I can’t say it enough: I like treats!

“Also, I’m a strong guy with lots of puppy-like energy, so a fenced yard and/or lots of walks will be good for me because I am always ready for outside adventures. Side note: I walk much better when my leash is connected to a harness versus a collar. I’m great with other dogs, and I am house/crate trained.

“If you’re looking for the perfect mix of snuggly, friendly, adorable, happy, energetic and playful, I’m your guy. So, if you’re thinking “Hot Choco is my kind of doggo” after seeing my adorable face in photos, then please bring the whole family (adults, children and, yes, even your dog) to meet me at NHA!

“According to NHA staff and volunteers, they all say that I am truly a wonderful guy. I’m really hoping that after this magnificent Main Street Nashville feature, all of Nashville will think that too! I’m sooooooooooo ready for a forever home, guys. I promise to love you unconditionally starting the day we meet, which I hope is very soon.”

Hot Chocolate can’t wait to have a forever family to call his own. Please visit him today at NHA!

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