Centerstone clinic

Dr. Bob Vero and Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Deputy Commissioner Matt Yancey hold a proclamation from Gov. Bill Lee.

Centerstone has formally named its outpatient clinic at 1921 Ransom Place the Dr. Robert N. Vero Center. This recognition honors the career of Bob Vero, Centerstone’s recently retired regional CEO who spent 40 years at the not-for-profit organization, which provides mental health and substance use disorder treatments.

At a special ceremony, Matt Yancey, the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services’ deputy commissioner, presented Vero with a proclamation from Gov. Bill Lee officially declaring A Day of Recognition for the Dedication of the Dr. Robert N. Vero Center. The document highlighted how Vero “faithfully served more than 65,000 Tennesseans annually, developed numerous nationally recognized services, and developed partnerships with Cohen Veterans Network and the National Football League.”

Speaking to a crowd of colleagues, friends and family at the dedication event, Vero said, “Thank you for honoring me in this special way. There are no adequate words to express my appreciation. There is, however, an overwhelming amount of heartfelt gratitude. As I leave you honored and humbled seeing my name above that door, maybe in some inexplicable way, I can remain here with you to welcome those who enter.”

In his four-decade tenure, Vero helped Centerstone grow from a relatively small company into one of the largest community-based behavioral health providers in the United States. He joined Centerstone’s legacy organization, Luton Mental Health Services, in 1980 as a therapist. Rising through that company, he became executive director in 1989 and served in that capacity until 1998, when Luton Mental Health Services joined the Centerstone family of companies, where Vero was named president and chief operating officer. With additional affiliations in 2008 that formed the national Centerstone organization, Vero ascended to the role of CEO of Tennessee operations.

Before being named the Dr. Robert N. Vero Center, the clinic on Ransom Place was known as the Frank Luton Center in tribute to the pioneering Tennessee psychiatrist.

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