Banner front page on May 13, 1982

Banner front page on May 13, 1982

Editor’s note: Main Street Nashville reprints some of the best front pages from the Nashville Banner, an afternoon newspaper that published from 1876 to 1998. The pages are courtesy of the Nashville Public Library, Nashville Banner Collection.



A dispute over the color of carpet at the new Criminal Justice Center and an attack on the pope made the front page of the May 13, 1982, Banner.

There had already been some challenges concerning the new downtown Criminal Justice Center, including design changes and shifting locations, but the latest problem was causing frayed nerves.

The carpet people and the city didn’t agree on a color known as “Birchwood.” Metro Council attorney Larry Snedeker, a member of the architectural review board, said the carpet didn’t match the furniture or the walls and would show dirt and coffee stains. The carpet company said the rug was neutral and would match anything.

Incidentally, Snedeker, the father of professional golfer Brandt Snedeker, served as staff attorney and then chief of staff for the Metro Council from 1971 to 1988. He died last year at the age of 74.

In world news, a Spanish priest tried to assassinate Pope John Paul II in Portugal the previous day by stabbing him with a bayonet. Juan María Fernández y Krohn was upset over changes made by the Second Vatican Council. The attack came one day before the one-year anniversary of the pope being shot and critically wounded in St. Peter’s Square.

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