One year later, the weather in Middle Tennessee in early March remains turbulent, and the yearlong siege of a global pandemic marches on, still threatening the survival of businesses and people alike.

Nashville businesses and residents devastated by the March 2-3, 2020, tornado outbreak, and those beyond the city, had two weeks to decide whether to rebuild, relocate or move on before the U.S. lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak closed their doors indefinitely.

Magnitude 10.0 Gymnastics

Magnitude 10.0 Gymnastics in Hermitage was destroyed in the March 2020 tornadoes. 

Magnitude 10.0 Gymnastics

Magnitude 10.0 gymnasts sign a mat found 49 miles away on a farm in Carthage after the March 2020 tornadoes. 

Tornado damage at CrossFit Hermitage

Owners and members of CrossFit Hermitage inspect damage from the March 2020 tornado at their building on Central Pike. The structure was deemed a total loss. 

American flag

An American flag hangs in the rubble of an office building on Central Pike after an EF-3 tornado struck the area in March 2020. 

Magnitude 10.0 Gymnastics

The old door from the original Magnitude 10.0 Gymnastics location was saved and memorialized. 

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