A Donelson car wash will deliver a clean, but creepy fresh ‘spin’ on a spooky Halloween.

Wash Me Express is getting creative for Halloween and will hold a germ-free car wash two weekends in a row.

The Donelson Wash Me Express opened in 2012 at 510 Donelson Pike. The company has grown to three locations, with one in Springfield and another in downtown Nashville. Only the Donelson and Springfield locations will feature inaugural haunted car washes.

"With lots of Halloween events being canceled or modified due to COVID-19, we thought it would be a great idea to turn our car wash into a drive-thru haunted house for the season,” said company executive Nikki Fralick. “As we are already pretty much contact-free as it is, we figured it would be a great option for those people who still want to have a little Halloween fun but want to minimize their contact with others. And, what better way to stay safe than in your own car with the windows rolled up from start to finish?"

Donelson location IT manager Ed McGuire said they tried to figure out things to promote both safety and their business.

“COVID has hurt our business quite a lot,” McGuire said. “It [a simple car wash or a membership pass] became a luxury must like a gym membership.”

He said he and his Donelson team wanted to think up a good thing for the community and a safe alternative to regular haunted houses.

“So many of those are shut down,” he said.

For $20 per carload, or free to the wash’s unlimited members, residents of Nashville are welcome to come with their family and friends to experience a one-of-a-kind Halloween thrill, filled with chills and terror to delight the entire gang.

The haunted car wash will be a fully immersive attraction, with ghouls and ghosts popping up throughout the wash, and devilish decorations will provide a terrifying ambiance.

McGuire elaborated on what’s planned for the car wash.

“We will be working on a lot of decorations this week,” he said. “There will be a fog machine, flashing lights, fake blood and more.”

Actors will be staged on the lawn and in the tunnel. They are conjuring creepy things to see once the soap clears off the windows.

Goers will drive their car onto the conveyer belt, but the shifter in neutral and enjoy the spooky spin. Usually it takes a few minutes to go through the wash, but for this event, they will slow the belt down to last about five minutes or so. As an added bonus, visitors of the haunted wash will also receive the top wash, with hot wax and shine.

Interested guests are able to are their tickets to the event either online or at the gate. The company accepts all major credit cards, and unused tickets can still be converted to a regular wash after the event ends, according to the purchaser’s preference.

"Even if they aren’t able to make it to the event, their ticket is still good for our top wash to be redeemed at any time between now and next year," Fralick said.

The haunted car wash will have no age limit, and all visitors are expected to remain in their cars at all times.

Fralick said visitors will have a horrifyingly terrific time at the event.

"As for what people can expect, we will be putting on a full-fledge haunted house experience,” he said. “Flashing lights, spooky sounds, terrifying costumed ghouls and even a few surprises that we'd like to keep hush-hush about. I mean, we can't let the victims, I mean, customers, know everything there is to expect, now can we?"

The Donelson Wash Me Express haunted carwash will take place Oct. 23-25 and Oct. 30 through Nov. 1 from 6-9 p.m.

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