NASHVILLE—Country music star and Grand Ole Opry veteran Tim Atwood recently reunited onstage with 52-year Grand Ole Opry member and country music icon Jeannie Seely. 

Atwood and Seely, who've accompanied each other many times over the years on the Grand Ole Opry stage, performed “Old Friends” at Lipscomb University's Allen Arena during the sixth-annual Nashville Senior Christmas ShinnDig. Atwood also performed a fast-paced rendition of “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” on piano.

George Shinn and the George Shinn Foundation established the special event to honor Nashville senior citizens as a promise to his mother to always remember our seniors.

About 800 seniors from the greater Nashville area were served at the free luncheon, highlighted by holiday entertainment, special door prizes and a car-which was given away to a needy person.

“This is my third year to perform on the ShinnDig, and it is such an honor,” said Atwood. “I admire how Mr. Shinn, years ago, made a promise to his mother to remember our seniors, and he kept that promise. I took care of my own mother when her health began to fail, and I made a similar promise. I love the way George Shinn and the George Shinn Foundation reminds us that, in what often feels like a youth obsessed society, our seniors are still our most valuable asset. I can attest that life doesn’t end when you reach a certain age; with the right frame of mind and perseverance, it just keeps getting better.”

Other performers at the event included Charlie McCoy, Nicole C. Mullen, Julie Roberts, Paul Allen Coons and Candy Christmas. Hope Hines served as the event’s emcee. Special guests Scott Hamilton and Darrell Waltrip were also in attendance.

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