Jane Dorris Billingsley, local owner of the Chapel at 2415 Atrium Way in Nashville, wanted to give back to her community after the devastating tornado ripped through Nashville in March.

She planned to reach out to the media to find a couple she could give away a wedding when Donnie Pollard and Sabrina Hummel serendipitously walked into the Chapel to plan their wedding.

Billingsley died of breast cancer June 15. It was Billingsley’s last act of kindness among the many who will forever live on in the families and people who have passed through the Chapel doors.

 The Chapel has been in business for 30 years, and Billingsley has always been the messenger of love and happiness at the sweet venue. From weddings, Valentine’s Day, holiday parties, baby showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, among many other events, Billingsley has welcomed everyone with joy, warmth and a smile. She was a songwriter on Music Row but took pride and care in every detail at the Chapel. She often would tell people as she toured them through the building, “This is the best song I’ve ever written.”

“It is her last act of kindness to help this couple during a time of sadness and loss,” said Kelly Billingsley, owner of the Chapel. “We are happy to witness and carry out her last gift of love. In a strange twist of fate, they will give us as Jane’s children and family a gift of happiness during our dark hour.”

Jane Billingsley envisioned the Chapel years ago, designed the building from the ground up and has played host to thousands of people from all around the world. She arranged celebrity weddings from Ben Folds and Cheryl Crow to playing center stage for music videos such as Taylor Swift.

Pollard and Hummel exchanged vows last Saturday afternoon.

Since 1990, the Chapel is Nashville's leading wedding destination. It is a Tennessee landmark minutes from the Ryman Auditorium and downtown Nashville. Design a vision with style and individuality; the Chapel accommodates social distancing all-inclusive micro-wedding packages, celebrations of life and personalized events. Visit thechapelnashville.com for more information.

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