Donelson Middle School Tabs

There are tons of pop top tabs collected at Donelson Middle School these days.

It’s a fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House in hopes to raise some cash for the outreach to benefit children with cancer and their families.

Donelson Middle School fifth-grade teachers Brandy James and Michelle Whitehead got together and created the school’s Kindness Club at the start of the school year. 

“We got together to form a club,” said James. “The more we can do to have positivity is good. There’s too much negative in the world.”

It’s all about how kindness can spread through the school with the club.

There are 24 fifth graders in the club. They put up posters to ask for the tabs, and it’s grown like wildfire. 

It’s 50 cents per pound, and just last week, they have pounds of tabs. 

“Nov. 13 is our deadline,” said Whitehead. “We are promoting positivity. The students are super excited.”

Ronald McDonald House has provided tab collection cardboard “houses.” And they are full already. 

During fall break, lots of tabs will be popped, and the entire school plans to save to turn in when students return.

They hope to collect enough to bring to the Ronald McDonald House’s collection spot in November as a field trip.

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