The Tennessee Department of Education announced Tuesday the school designations for the 2020-21 school year, which include the top 5% of schools for academic achievement and the top 5% for student growth, including 188 schools spanning 61 districts statewide.

In addition to recognizing Reward schools, the department also named schools that have improved and earned their way off the Priority list. Priority schools, federally known as Comprehensive Support and Improvement schools, were identified for poor academic performance at the beginning of the 2018-19 school year. Focus schools, which are either Targeted Support and Improvement or Additional Targeted Support and Improvement, could also exit if they met criteria.

The complete list of Reward schools and schools exiting Priority or Focus status is posted on the department’s website.

The Reward schools in Davidson County are Glendale and Lockeland elementary schools.

The Priority schools in Davidson County are Alex Green Elementary, Amqui Elementary, Antioch Middle, Moses McKissack Middle, Bellshire Elementary, Ida B. Wells Elementary, Cumberland Elementary, Haynes Middle, Jere Baxter Middle, Maplewood High, McMurray Middle, Madison Middle, Tom Joy Elementary, Warner Elementary, Whites Creek High and Wright Middle.

Rosebank Elementary is among schools that have exited the Priority and CSI list.

In accordance with Public Chapter 2 (PC 2) of the First Extraordinary Session of the 112th General Assembly, since all districts achieved a minimum 80% participation rate on the 2020-21 TCAP assessments, all districts are held harmless for the 2020-21 school year. In other words, districts and schools will not use student achievement and student growth data to assign letter grades or any other summative ratings in the 2021 State Report Card, which will be released later in September. The data will not be used to identify Priority schools nor to assign a school to the Achievement School District.

For the 2020-21 school year, schools earned Reward status based on the most recent year of data. Schools that are held harmless can still earn Reward School status, even if they do not have a letter grade assigned.

These districts are designated as Exemplary:

• Maryville City Schools

• South Carroll Special School District

• Newport City Schools

• Alamo City Schools

• Bradford Special School District

• Gibson County Special School District

• Lincoln County Schools

PC 2 allows for Priority schools to have the designation removed upon meeting exit criteria and the requirements to be held harmless. In addition, Focus schools could also exit if they met criteria.

For the 2020-21 school year, Tennessee had the largest number of schools exiting Priority, Focus and ATSI status in the state’s history, including:

• Seven of the 79 Priority schools from five of the eight districts with Priority schools met the exit criteria;

• Eighteen of the 37 ATSI schools from 12 of the 17 districts with ATSI schools met ATSI exit criteria;

• One hundred eight of the 145 TSI schools from 57 of the 61 districts with TSI schools met TSI exit criteria.

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