Following incidents of violence in downtown Nashville, Gov. Bill Lee announced last Sunday the Tennessee National Guard will remain mobilized across the state and the Department of Safety and Homeland Security, in coordination with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and local law enforcement authorities, will launch an investigation into unlawful incidents that happened last Saturday night.

“The right to peaceful protest is foundational to our country, but the violence and vandalism that occurred in Nashville last night was unlawful and tears at the fabric of our community,” said Lee. “We have reason to believe that many of those involved in unlawful acts are not Tennesseans, and we will be working with law enforcement to investigate this further and bring those responsible to justice.”

National Guard personnel were mobilized across all three grand divisions to assist state and local law enforcement. The Tennessee National Guard stood ready, in partnership with local law enforcement, the Department of Safety and TEMA, to ensure order and safety are maintained in the supported areas for as long as is warranted by the situation.

In addition to support from the National Guard, Lee authorized the continuation of a curfew in Nashville and will support similar measures in other Tennessee cities as requested.

Curfew in the downtown Nashville area and urban services district of Metro Nashville and Davidson County went into effect last Sunday at 8 p.m. and continued until Monday at 6 a.m.

The curfew will not apply to law enforcement and fire department personnel, first responders and other officials assisting with maintaining public safety, including medical personnel in the performance of their duties and any other people lawfully on the streets and in public places with permission from law enforcement personnel.

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