In 2020, Tennessee will hold another US Senate race; but, unlike 2018, the race won’t be in the national spotlight with millions of dollars pouring into the state.

Tennessee has largely been written off the Democratic electoral map due to the heavy 2018 losses, and much of the electoral efforts to ensure a constructive primary will be left to grassroots political groups like Indivisible.

The Indivisible network, including 12 local groups across the state in partnership with the Tennessee Holler, will hold the first digital U.S. Senate Democracy primary issues forum in an effort to ensure a constructive electoral primary for their grassroots constituencies during the COVID-19 crisis.

Moving their advocacy programming and candidate engagement online, Indivisible groups hope to highlight participating candidates’ platforms to a statewide audience ahead of the Aug. 6 primary.

The forum will be live streamed June 4 at 6 p.m. via the Tennessee Holler platforms and moderated by Stephen Elliott, a reporter for the Nashville Post and Nashville Scene. The format of the forum has yet to be finalized. Tennesseans can submit questions for the forum through and sign up for a reminder via

Invited candidates include Marquita Bradshaw, Gary Davis, Robin Kimbrough, James Mackler and Mark Pickrell.

Host groups include Clarksville Indivisible, Indivisible Crossville, Indivisible East Tennessee, Indivisible Greene County, Indivisible Hardin County, Norris Indivisible, Polk County Indivisible, Indivisible Sumner County, Nashville and Middle TN Indivisible, Indivisible TN7, Indivisible TN-6 and Indivisible TN-4.

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