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Metro-Nashville police warn citizens to take the time to lock their cars.

From Sept. 15 through Sept. 21, 48 vehicles were stolen in the precinct areas. According to a report released Sept. 25, 33 or 69 percent of the vehicles were stolen because the owners left their keys inside the car or made them available to thieves.

Twelve guns were swiped during the burglaries, and four of those cars were left unlocked.

According to police, 542 guns were stolen from vehicles so far this year.

The department has what’s called a PARK SMART initiative to convince people to lock their cars, take out any valuables and always secure guns. The biggest slogan in the campaign is a simple “remove the keys.”

Hermitage Precinct second in latest sting charges

On the heels of the most recent drug and prostitution sting conducted by all eight precincts, the Hermitage Precinct was second in charges during the latest sting during the week of Sept. 20, according to police. 

Undercover detectives charged 80 people during the sting that spread across several neighbors. The South Precinct topped out at 22 charged, with the Hermitage Precinct at 16 people charged.

According to the report, the Hermitage Precinct investigations took place on Bluebird Drive, Priest Lake Drive, Stewart’s Ferry Pike, Central Pike, Old Hickory Boulevard, Bell Road, Lincoya Bay Drive and Nashboro Blvd. 

The sting brought in no guns, however, police seized 5 grams of heroin, 3 grams of meth and 3 grams of cocaine. 

Anyone who suspects drug activity may call the department’s hotline at 615-244-DOPE. Callers may remain anonymous.

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