Property Tax R

Older adults living on fixed incomes face a serious challenge with a 34% property tax increase approved last week by the Metro Nashville Council.

Many may not be able to afford to remain in their homes and communities that they have lived in, in some cases, for decades.

There is help available. Metro Nashville and Davidson County government offers two property tax assistance programs targeted to low-income elderly and disabled homeowners.

The tax freeze program will allow qualifying homeowners 65 and older to freeze the tax due at the amount for the year they qualify for the program. Total income during 2018 cannot exceed $42,620.

The tax relief program provides reimbursements for all or part of the local taxes paid on property, which the taxpayer owns and uses as his or her home. Income cannot exceed $29,860 for the 2018 calendar year.

The programs, administered by the Metro trustee’s office, were underutilized despite efforts to promote them. With only two weeks remaining before the July 1 deadline, eligible homeowners have limited time to learn about the lifeline.

Nashville Public Television produced a two-minute spot highlighting the value of the programs and their impact on older adults at

Anyone who thinks they might be eligible should contact the Metro trustee’s office at 615-862-6330 before July 1. Staff is available to help get people signed up to take advantage of the program.

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