Davidson County residents 75 years old and older can make an appointment to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.

Appointments can be made through January, according to the Metro Health Department. Along with the elderly, the phase 1a2 includes dental offices, chiropractor offices, home-health organizations and funeral homes.

 Those interested can go to or call 615-862-7777.

According to Metro Nashville officials, vaccines are available in all 95 Tennessee counties. The state supplied a tool to determine a person’s COVID 19 vaccine distribution phase. While the vaccine supply is limited, it is necessary to prioritize who receives it, with people who are at highest risk of getting the virus or becoming seriously ill to receive it first. The state worked with a group of stakeholders and followed federal guidance to develop a vaccine distribution plan.

The online tool is a simple question format that asks line of employment, age and health factors. Visit

As of Dec. 25, the state’s rollout vaccination plan reported 53,259 vaccinations.

The roll out began with phase 1a2 that includes:

• primary care providers and staff.

• outpatient specialty providers and staff working with acute patients.

• pharmacists and staff.

• workers who transport patients.

• outpatient therapists.

• urgent visit center providers and staff.

• environmental services.

• oral health providers.

• behavioral health providers.

• outpatient laboratory staff who work with COVID-19 specimens.

• funeral and mortuary workers with direct decedent contact.

People in this category are eligible to be vaccinated, but the state's plan prioritizes available vaccines for those most at risk for contracting COVID-19.

The first priority includes:

• people 65 and older.

• people with cancer.

• people with chronic kidney disease.

• people with COPD.

• people who have had a solid organ transplant.

• people who are obese or have a body mass index of 30 or greater.

• people with a serious cardiac disease.

• people with sickle cell disease.

• people with diabetes.

People in this category will most likely be vaccinated by their employer such as a hospital system or sign up to attend one of the health department's closed clinics, which are reserved for health care workers.

As people in phase 1a2 are vaccinated, people 75 and older are eligible to get the vaccine as quantities are available.

People 75 and older can make an appointment or attend an open clinic. Vaccination appointments fill up fast and are currently not available until additional doses arrive. Each county, with the exception of the six metro counties, listed a phone line to call for appointment reservations at

As of Jan 5, Davidson County was in phase 1a1. Wilson County was in phase 1a1 with people 75 years old and older included. For Wilson County, call 615-444-5325.

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