The Department of Revenue will send postcards beginning in January to motor vehicle registrants to remind them of upcoming renewal dates.

The postcards will replace traditional letters and reduce state mailing expenses by an estimated $500,000. Other states such as Kentucky, Maine, Montana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Utah, Virginia and Wyoming also send postcard notices for registration renewals.

“This is a more efficient, effective way to remind citizens about their upcoming registration renewals,” said Commissioner David Gerregano. “It’s also a good way for the state to save money without sacrificing any services.”

The department partners with the state’s 95 county clerks to administer vehicle title and registration in the state. Find more information about renewals, as well as a sample postcard, at

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the department encourages motorists to renew their registration at Anyone without online access or a county does not have online renewals can mail in a renewal to the local clerk. The TNCountyClerk website also allows registrants to sign up for email and text message reminders about renewal dates.

The Department of Revenue is responsible for the administration of state tax laws and motor vehicle title and registration laws and the collection of taxes and fees associated with the laws. The department collects about 87% of total state revenue. During 2020, it collected $15.1 billion in state taxes and fees and more than $3.2 billion in taxes and fees for local governments. To learn more about the department, visit

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