It should be heard across Donelson. 

Dozens of real-life sewing machines go at it. Stitching. Sewing. 

This moment. Making fashion dreams come true.

A local lady, Megan Prange, shakes her head and in euphoria because her little stitch and sew company has become a leader in small batch assembly. 

She owns a cut-and-sew apparel manufacturing company, and it’s big time in the heart of this community.

Prange started Prange Apparel six years ago in response to the demand from independent designers and boutique owners for small-batch production. 

At the time, Prangle did freelance pattern and sample work for local designers when she noticed the struggle they had scaling their businesses. 

“They could not keep up with the demand by sewing everything themselves,” said Prange.

She decided to go out on a limb and opened a small-batch manufacturing business with a few interns.

It doesn’t have to be made in New York, Atlanta or Los Angeles to form a niche. It’s in Donelson. It grew, and it sewed to be a major company. Stitches are tight and make a difference in this niche right here.

Prange was the recent 2019 Nashville Fashion Forward fund recipient from the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. It selected Prange from a diverse group of experienced fashion industry applicants.

“I am beyond thrilled to be this year’s Nashville Fashion Forward fund recipient,” she said. “I learned first about Nashville Fashion Week seven years ago and since then have been a huge believer in the amazing opportunities it offers to everyone who participates in it every year. I am honored to be a part of it an am incredibly grateful for the opportunity the Nashville Forward fund will allow me.”

How did it begin?

Prange is 34 years old. She lives in Old Hickory. Her mom sewed. Her grandmother sewed. They taught her younger self. They were mentors in the craft.

“My mom used to make my clothes,” Prange said. “She would make clothes and costumes, do quilts, and I remember the pattern books.”

Prange went to school for a design degree. That didn’t cut it.

“I actually like pattern making,” she said.

She started to freelance. She got into the Nashville Fashion Week scene and started pattern making, sample making and small runs for the peeps. 

Her reputation grew in a great way. There were a lot of runway stylized fashion garments and photo shoots of her work. It blew up.

Now, her daughter Scarlet, 8, learns also.

In 2013, Prange decided her little sewing operation needed to morph. She moved about four times during her rise in the industry. It was all in Donelson doing small batch. She’s landed at 2545 Lebanon Pike. It’s a huge space for sewing client’s wants across the United States.

There’s quite an industry hub in Nashville, she said. 

Her husband supports her big time.

“He’s a stay at home dad now,” said Prange. “I am so grateful.” 

It’s a business that started from scratch, caught hold and is on fire. Business owners want the home touch, and it’s found in Donelson.

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