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Metro-Nashville Hermitage precinct police officers charged a suspect Nov. 8 with voluntary manslaughter.

According to police, a Davidson County grand jury indicted Montarius Bean, 20, in the 2018 Christmas Day fatal shooting of 18-year-old Alijah C. Williams at 2824 Creekview Drive.

Police said Bean confessed to the shooting. Bean told officers the victim kicked his way into his family home and “continued to act in a threatening manner.” The reports said Williams was the father of Bean’s sister’s son. The sister and son were not at the home when the shooting happened.

Bean’s mother told police she started to pack up some of Williams’ belongings and put them on the front porch and told him to leave, according to the report.

Bean and his brother were downstairs but came upstairs and confronted Williams, according to police. Williams then punched Bean in the face and walked to his car and said he “had something for them.”

The report said Bean told police he was afraid Williams was going to the car to get a gun.

Police said Bean told officers when Williams returned to the front porch, he fired one shot that hit Williams in his chest. Williams managed to get back to his car where officers found him. He died at the scene.

The report said Bean and his brother left the scene at first but came back, and Bean gave his gun to officers. No gun was found in Williams’ car or in his possession.

No charges were filed in December and remained pending an investigation by detectives and the district attorney’s office.

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