For many, waiting for a big downpour is about the extent of car washing for what might be one of their most prized possessions.

Mother Nature is fickle and not exactly the epitome of car washing methods. And she doesn’t exactly leave a mirror-like shine. 

If there were a utopia of car washes, it would be Washtopia in Hermitage. A far cry from the dirty, dingy, leaking brick car wash stalls from back in the day, Washtopia is the pinnacle of the car wash experience. Gone are the days of wrestling an out of control, slimy wand. 

At Washtopia, which opened in 2018, just turn on those headphones, sit back in the driver’s seat and let the state-of-the-art tunnel car wash do all the dirty work. 

General manager Tony McDaniel said Washtopia was designed from the ground up as the car wash of the future. Redd Stafford is the assistant manager. There are 10 employees.

“Everything from the building to the equipment to the technology and culture was rethought starting with one simple question,” said McDaniel. “What is the best way we can do this?

“In the end, we created a state-of-the art car wash that includes cutting-edge design and fanatical customer service.”

Indeed, Washtopia elevates the car wash experience to a whole new level. They’ve redefined the experience, and, who doesn’t want a clean and shiny car? 

Say goodbye to metal rails and hello to flat-belt conveyers. At the car wash, it’s a fast and convenient experience. A car is guided on a long track while in neutral, said McDaniel.

They’ve taken the best wash technologies and put them together under one, beautifully engineered roof for a better wash.

“In under two minutes,” said McDaniel.

Wash “green” at the car wash. Compared to washing a vehicle at home, Washtopia uses 80% less water per wash. Plus, the soaps are biodegradable, which does double duty, a shiny car and helping the environment. And, ‘Cleanfucius’ says, “Do not envy someone else’s tire shine for you can have it, too.”

McDaniel said the building was designed with convenience, comfort and safety in mind. The extra-wide tunnel with glass walls and translucent roof brings in lots of natural light. There’s no chance for wheel damage and can wash low-profile vehicles, cars with performance tires and a dually. The tunnel is really long, and that means more cars and less wait-time, said McDaniel. 

Washtopia mainly serves car owners in the Hermitage, Donelson and Old Hickory communities. They have a variety of wash packages to fit almost any budget, but whatever wash chosen, there are free vacuums, window cleaner and micro-fiber towels available. A basic wash is $10, plus the use of vacuums, towels and cleaners free of charge. And the one-time washes also have $15 and $20 ranges, which are enhanced with more services. 

The VIP Wash Club is also available for those who wash their car regularly. It starts at $19.99 a month, which gives full access to the car wash with a dedicated lane, plus all the extras. McDaniel said with the membership, families get 10% off on each additional VIP membership billed to the same card. The website,, explains all the pricing. McDaniel said people love the experience so much, most of his customers have bought packages.

He said since it opened in Hermitage, the location has been “hopping and bopping.”

“We feel so great about this area’s location.” he said. “We wanted to elevate car washing and are the first company to bring flat belts. We get lots of teenagers and moms and local business owners.”

The 23 vacuum stations are a huge hit. There’s also a floor mat cleaning machine that basically allows users to feed your mats in and takes three minutes to push through. The cost is $3.

The winter hours are 8 a.m. until 7 p.m., seven days a week. Summertime will take it to an 8 p.m. closing. 

There are also locations in Clarksville, Spring Hill and coming soon to Smyrna. 

Washtopia is a member of the local chamber, and McDaniel said they are heavy into the community with churches and fundraising programs. It is also veteran owned. 

“Who doesn’t like a clean car?” McDaniel said. “We don’t at all think it’s too lofty to say we are the car wash of the future. We are.”

Washtopia is at 3925 Lebanon Pike in Hermitage. Call 615-712-9029 for more information. 

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