When I was told I had the opportunity to expand my reporting coverage to this amazing, brand new Main Street Nashville East newspaper, I was thrilled.

Old Hickory is vintage, and special, and there are so many treasures to uncover. Let’s learn the why it’s called “Old Hickory.” I love the little shops and so many things coming on board. Can you let me know its treasures? I have a number of stories lined up.

Hermitage, well, we think the Hermitage. There are dozens of stories just from this iconic place. I can’t wait to share with you!

What I do is go back to Donelson. I know, it’s the new millennial hot spot. Perhaps the ‘Donelson Gulch’ of our county. Hip kids, those making money, and on the go, want to live here. And, us, just, simply, old timers who love this place.

Those little houses we lived in 30 years ago are going for big bucks. Donelson is a happening place with the revitalization of the former Donelson Plaza, to Opryland Hotel (that cool new splash and pool park) to new restaurants and so much more. (We will let you know.)

Personally, I have throwback memories of Donelson. Does anyone remember Castner Knott in Donelson Plaza? It was the bomb! And, yes, I did model their clothes in a fashion show back when I was a youngster. I got the dress, to take home, too. A short little dark red deal. It was cool.

Before then, when I was way younger, I remember something.

Do you remember when they had front “cases” for display for those walking to the store. They were large open-windowed display cases that showed mannequins with the latest fashion and fronted the store. Well, way back when, in the Christmas season, they would transform this space into a special “Christmas store” for kiddos to buy gifts for the mom and dad. It was a special place where I would dive through a paper door into a magical world and buy $2 presents for my fam.

Also, do you remember going down that weird iron spiral staircase to the bottom of Donelson Plaza? There was this magical store with train sets all over the place. Magical.

That was in the day what I know. But, now, the place is transformed to our real world and we will introduce it to you. Week after week.

I graduated from McGavock High School. (I won’t reveal when). But it was a long time ago. I understand McGavock is one of the largest high schools in Tennessee. Can that be? When I attended there, there were separate schools within. I understand there’s a whole new, cool concept of pods and emphasis on separate interests! I will share that with you and talk to the principal.

Two Rivers Park. My husband was a UPS driver and I was a mom of our little Megan and I would meet him at this little gem for lunch. Was that allowed? I think so!

I remember driving from McGavock High School as a new driver and cringing when I went over the railroad tracks in my 1966 Mustang.

And, we can’t forget about Fletchers on Lebanon Road and McGavock Pike. I hear it’s moved to another, central location in Donelson. It’s where Jim and I had our first date. Yep. Let’s say almost 40 years ago. It’s still there in this cool beat. I will revisit the place with you. That’s sorta corny, but we have to relish their long-time commitment to Donelson.

And, I could go on. We hope you love our stories. And, we really would love ideas to highlight Old Hickory, Hermitage and Donelson.

I have ten pages of story ideas. Mostly what’s happening in your community today. But, I will throw in some throwbacks for the fun of it.

My email is laurieeverett1@gmail.com

Please send pictures of old, and new, and story ideas. Let us have fun!

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