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One hundred fifty-one young dancers from Davidson County will take the stage in Nashville’s Nutcracker from Dec. 7-23 at TPAC’s Jackson Hall. The dancers are (front row, from left) Quinn Lopez Zumwalt, Veronica Sylva, Karrington Meyers, Briar King, Arabella Dixon, Ella Westcott, Grier Skeen, Carin Engh, Kennedy Lamar, Bea Brock, Zoe Silverburg, Anna Harris Mench, Lily Harwell, Lily Davidson, Jennine Angela Quiogue, Karmellarose Edmonds, Vera Slap, Estella Clark, Rebecca Mae Bodenheimer, and Sofia Dominguez of Williamson County; (second row, from left) Eleanor Millimaki, Elissa Patel of Williamson County, Gisselle Ortiz, Preston Bramlett, Payton Cubick, Lorelai Anderson, Asher Lekki, Ellie Phothirath, Sofie Kitchens, Amelia Adgate, Anabelle Wolf, Camile Rios, Kendra Gil, Carly Graham of Williamson County, Camden Henderson, and Maida Harwell; (third row, from left) Kemae Harris, Shiloh Ferrell, Emily Hannah, Nathan Smith, Rozalia Kawnik, Sashenka “Sasha” Kooienga, Isaiah Smith, Winter Walsh, Rowan Near, Mia Blaise Campbell, Jonah Forsyth, Samantha Otto, Freya Heard, and Vasyl Shkrum; (back row) Fhinn Lopez Zumwalt, Jayla Liddell, Lena Hilk, Kennedy Quattlebaum, Mariana Dominguez of Williamson County, Eva Pregont, Trey Lopez Zumwalt, Keegan Lopez Zumwalt, Kaylee Wilson, Alyssa Greenley, Lili Near, Aiden Lopez Zumwalt, and Jordan Aigbe; (not pictured) Jesse Aleman, Tilly Anderson, Mae Mae Armistead, Virginia Beasley, Bailey Beller, Jane Berman, Harper Bolin, Bee Brock, Anna Brooks Ozburn, Haley Bowman, Hailey Brown, Elanah Bruce, Bridget Byrd, Lula Carney, Stella Carter, Madison Chung, Samantha (Sam) Coplan, Bailey Rose Crowell, Christiana Dixon, Mary Kate Eller, Sydney Emeson, Karin Engh, Abigail Victoria Fernandez, Lucy Garrison, Martin Gill, Abby Gordon, Alyssa Greenlee, Ellaree Hancock, Hadley Hancock, Emmalee Hannah-Ibido, Anne Harris Menge, Beatrice Harvey-Schwartz, Sophia Hill, Mina Huh, Cindy Itzep, Frances Jack, Ruby Kammerman, Brooklyn Kelsey, Helen Kempf, Sophie Kramer, Peyton Kubik, Mary-Carol McDonald, Chloe McGill, Eavan McNabb, Kaylee Mcrae, Evangeline Meyer, Vivian Mixon, Maya Momot, Avery Michael, Ana Moore, Annabeth Nelson, Eleanore Ness, Josephine Ness, Garrett Northwall, Woody O’Connor, Calvin Parrack, Nathalie Peete, Kiri Pruett, Lincoln Pyatt, Katelynn Quarles, Margaret Rick, Camila Rios, Elia Rodriguez, Fiorella Sergio, Amelia Schuetz Sevin, Veronica Silva, Zoe Silverberg, Marshal Simpson, Emma Delane Singleton, Sophia Shi, Vera Slack, Selah Smith, Seraphim Smith, Ida Soranno, Althea Stefansic, Clara Stefansic, Eva Stefansic, Phiness Spinelli, Anna Kate Talbot, Caroline Thomas, Sienna Thompson, Charlotte Thrasher, Einmyria Thurman, Ashley Trusley, Aubrey Trusley, Embree Unick, Mackenzie Wade, Caroline Walsh, Winter Walsh, Caleb Wang, Marie Watson, Avery Weber, Shakia Webster, Clara Weedman, Emmaline Weedman, Livia Wernke, Ella Wescott, Adelaide Williamson, Gilbert Williamson, Cayli Wilson, Colette Wilson, Annabelle Wolfe, Alexis Woods and Joshua Wright. SUBMITTED

NASHVILLE – Nashville Ballet selected 151 dancers from Davidson County to perform in the youth cast for Music City’s favorite holiday tradition. 

Presented by Nashville Ballet and sponsored in part by PNC Bank, Nashville’s Nutcracker will return to TPAC’s Jackson Hall on Dec. 7-23. This year’s youth cast features 292 young dancers from School of Nashville Ballet and the community at large who will perform alongside Nashville Ballet and the Nashville Symphony in the beloved favorite. 

Nashville’s Nutcracker will feature Davidson County dancers Amelia Adgate as a garden fairy; Jordan Aigbe as a garden fairy; Jesse Aleman as a party boy; Lorelei Anderson as a commodore cavalry; Tilly Anderson as Clara; Mae Mae Armistead as a garden fairy; Virginia Beasley as a lamb; Bailey Beller as a bon bon; Jane Berman as a lamb; Rebecca Mae Bodenheimer as a commodore cavalry; Harper Bolin as a baby mouse; Haley Bowman as a commodore cavalry; Preston Bramlett as a frontier soldier; Bee Brock as a lamb; Hailey Brown as a medium mouse; Elanah Bruce as a dancing bear cavalry; Bridget Byrd as a party girl; Mia Blaise Campbell as a Russian nesting doll; Lula Carney as a frontier soldier; Stella Carter as a commodore cavalry; Madison Chung as a party girl; Estella Clark as a garden fairy; Samantha “Sam” Coplan as a lamb; Bailey Rose Crowell as a commodore cavalry; Lily Davidson as a baby mouse; Arabella Dixon as a commodore cavalry; Christiana Dixon as a garden fairy; Karmella Rose Edmonds as a baby mouse; Mary Kate Eller as a commodore cavalry; Sydney Emeson as a bon bon; Karin Engh as a commodore cavalry; Abigail Victoria Fernandez as a baby mouse; Shiloh Ferrell as a Russian nesting doll; Jonah Forsythe as Fritz; Lily Fryling as a medium mouse; Lucy Garrison as a commodore cavalry; Kendra Gil as a garden fairy; Martin Gill as a party boy; Abby Gordon as a commodore cavalry; Alyssa Greenlee as a dancing bear cavalry; Ellaree Hancock as a baby mouse; Hadley Hancock as a lamb; Emmalee Hannah-Ibido as a frontier soldier; Kemae Harris as a party girl; Beatrice Harvey-Schwartz as a frontier soldier; Lily Harwell as a baby mouse; Maida Harwell as a lamb; Freya Heard as a garden fairy; Lena Hilk as a medium mouse; Sophia Hill as a baby mouse; Mina Huh as a garden fairy; Cindy Itzep as a dancing bear cavalry; Frances Jack as a lamb; Ruby Kammerman as a baby mouse; Rozalia Kawnik as a frontier soldier; Brooklyn Kelsey as a garden fairy; Helen Kempf as a Native American soldier; Briar King as a lamb; Sophie Kitchens as a dancing bear cavalry; Sashenka “Sasha” Kooienga as a garden fairy; Sophie Kramer as a garden fairy; Peyton Kubik as a frontier soldier; Kennedy Lamar as a baby mouse; Asher Lekki as a frontier soldier; Jayla Liddell as a garden fairy; Fhinn Lopez Zumwalt as a party boy; Quinn Lopez Zumwalt as a party boy; Taag Lopez Zumwalt as a party boy; Aidan Lopez Zumwalt as a Native American soldier; Keegan Lopez Zumwalt as infantry; Trey Lopez Zumwalt as infantry; Mary-Carol McDonald as a frontier soldier; Chloe Mcgill as a garden fairy; Eavan Mcnabb as a bon bon; Kaylee Mcrae as a Native American soldier; Anne Harris Menge as a baby mouse; Evangeline Meyer as a commodore cavalry; Karrington Meyers as a garden fairy; Avery Michael as a lamb; Eleanor Millimaki as a garden fairy; Vivian Mixon as a garden fairy; Maya Momot as a dancing bear cavalry; Ana Moore as a Native American soldier; Rowan Near as a Native American soldier; Lili Near as a medium mouse; Annabeth Nelson as a dancing bear cavalry; Josephine Ness as a lamb; Eleonore Ness as a party girl; Garrett Northwall as a party boy; Woody O’Connor as a Native American soldier; Gisselle Ortiz as a garden fairy; Samantha Otto as a medium mouse; Anna Brooks Ozburn as a medium mouse; Calvin Parrack as infantry; Nathalie Peete as a Russian nesting doll; Ellie Phothirath as a Russian nesting doll; Eva Pregont as Clara; Kiri Pruett as a baby mouse; Lincoln Pyatt as a frontier soldier; Lillian Pyatt as a party girl; Katelynn Quarles as a Russian nesting doll; Kennedy Quattlebaum as a Russian nesting doll; Jennine Angela Quiogue as a baby mouse; Margaret Rick as a party girl; Camila Rios as a frontier soldier; Elia Rodriguez as a Russian nesting doll; Amelie Schuetz Sevin as a garden fairy; Fiorella Sergio as a bon bon; Sophia Shi as a Native American soldier; Vasyl Shkrum as a frontier soldier; Veronica Silva as a commodore cavalry; Zoe Silverberg as a baby mouse; Marshal Simpson as a garden fairy; Emma Delane Singleton as a Russian nesting doll; Grier Skeen as a baby mouse; Vera Slack as a baby mouse; Selah Smith as a baby mouse; Nathan Smith as a party boy; Isaiah Smith as a party boy; Seraphim Smith as a party girl; Ida Soranno as a bon bon; Phineas Spinelli as a frontier soldier; Althea Stefansic as a lamb; Eva Stefansic as a lamb; Clara Stefansic as a party girl; Anna Kate Talbot as a party girl; Caroline Thomas as a dancing bear cavalry; and Sienna Thompson as a medium mouse.

This year, Nashville’s Nutcracker youth cast members were selected from community-wide open auditions. Members of the youth cast come from 10 counties throughout Middle Tennessee, including Cheatham, Davidson, Dickson, Maury, Montgomery, Robertson, Rutherford, Sumner, Williamson, Wilson and Christian County, Kentucky. They will perform alongside all 52 members of Nashville Ballet’s professional company and NB2, as well as 60 members of the Nashville Symphony.

“We’ve had well over 1,000 young dancers take the stage in the Nashville’s Nutcracker youth cast over the years,” said Nashville Ballet artistic director Paul Vasterling. “The youth cast is such an integral part of the overall success of this larger-than-life production.” 

Nashville Ballet premiered Nashville’s Nutcracker in 2008 with a unique concept weaving Music City’s glittering past with the awe-inspiring wonder of the classic tale. In its 11th season on stage, Nashville’s Nutcracker has cemented itself in the hearts of numerous patrons and young artists as a treasured holiday tradition. 

Beginning at the 1897 Centennial Exposition in Nashville, Clara and her Uncle Drosselmeyer meet a colorful cast of characters from faraway lands. When Uncle Drosselmeyer gifts Clara a wooden nutcracker on Christmas Eve, the toy magically transforms to life as a handsome prince and leads her on an unforgettable adventure. Clara encounters a captivating collection of fascinating friends including everyone from the Snow Queen to the Sugar Plum Fairy, as well as the delightful characters she met at the Exposition. When Clara finally returns home, the audience is left to decide if it was all just a dream–or not. 

The Aertson Hotel is a supporting sponsor for Nashville’s Nutcracker. Tickets start at $35 and can be purchased in person at the TPAC box office in downtown Nashville, by phone at 615-782-4040 or at A complete performance schedule and more information may be found at

Nashville Ballet is the largest professional ballet company in Tennessee. Nashville Ballet presents a varied repertoire of classical ballet and contemporary works by noted choreographers, including original works by Vasterling. Nashville Ballet and NB2, Nashville Ballet’s official second company, provide more than 60,000 arts experiences to adults and children annually through season performances and its Community Engagement programming. Curriculum-based community engagement programs bring dance education to community centers, colleges, public libraries, and public elementary, middle and high schools across the state. School of Nashville Ballet brings world-class dance instruction to students age two to 70.

Nashville Ballet receives public funding from Metro Arts, Tennessee Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts. Contributions from local, regional and national institutional funders and community partners, as well as hundreds of generous individuals, provide ongoing support of Nashville Ballet’s mission-critical programs.

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