Since 1973, the Women’s Political Collaborative of Tennessee (formerly Nashville Women’s Political Caucus) has strengthened the position of women, from elected and appointed officials to voters and advocates. While the focus of this bipartisan organization was primarily in Middle Tennessee in its earlier days, the Women’s Political Collaborative shifted to a statewide focus in 2011.

The primary goal of WPC is to achieve parity for women by influencing policy through education and mobilization of statewide networks. This is achieved through collaborations with other organizations that advocate for and against legislation that impacts women and families, as well as education to the public as a whole through informative programming, lobbying and support of similar advocacy efforts.

Our work has been especially successful in protecting women’s rights in the areas of family disputes, divorces and child support. Under the leadership and advocacy of its members, WPC has also played a role in creating legal protections for victims of child abuse and neglect, domestic violence and teen pregnancies.

In 2020 and 2021, while many organizations lost momentum due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WPC worked to defeat legislation that would adversely affect women and families, held near monthly meetings to discuss books of relevance and interest, and consistently provided informative virtual programs throughout the year on issues concerning politics, the law, women and health.

As we move forward, the Women’s Political Collaborative of Tennessee continues to strive for full and equal participation of women in government and the political process, encouraging women to get involved in their community, whether that means serving on boards and commissions, volunteering at the polls on election day, getting involved with the political party or candidate of their choice and making their voice heard among elected officials.

Membership is open to men and women across Tennessee and is encouraged for those who want to play a part in advancing women and the political interest and involvement of women at all levels. You can learn more about WPC and join at Members are provided advance notice of events and may attend many events at no cost or at a reduced rate.

Stephanie J. Williams is the president of the board for the Women’s Political Collaborative of Tennessee. She is a graduate of Trevecca Nazarene University and earned her Juris Doctorate from the University of Tennessee College of Law in 2002. Her legal career began in 2000 at the Law Office of Manson, Jones & Associates, where she worked as a law clerk and subsequently an associate of the firm. In 2006, she founded the Family Justice Center to assist low-income families in family law cases. In 2008, she transitioned her practice from the Family Justice Center into a solo private practice, eventually creating SJW Family Law. Williams continued to work as a solo practitioner until 2014, when she was appointed as the special master of the Fourth Circuit Court of Davidson County by Judge Philip E. Smith.

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