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The Long Hunter ramp now has lights.

The Long Hunter State Park boat dock and ramp are now lit, courtesy of the Thursday Night Tournament bass-fishing club.

Club members provided the lights and labor at no cost to the park or public.

Club spokesman Andy Jennette said the lighting will make using the facility safer and more convenient for not just tournament fishermen, but for all anglers who fish at night or launch before dawn.

Deer Expo in Lebanon

Hunters can have their deer antlers scored and compete for the big buck award May 22 and 23 at the Wilson County Farm Bureau Expo Center on the grounds of the James E. Ward Ag Center.

For details about times, antler entry requirements and assorted activities, visit www.TNDeerExpo.com or call event coordinator Wes Stone in Lebanon at (615) 289-9551.

Ominous boating start

Last year was the deadliest year for Tennessee boaters in the 37 years records have been kept, with 32 fatalities, and this year is off to an ominous start.

Two boaters have drowned, one on Tellico Lake and another on the Pigeon River, and there have been a number of other close calls in which boaters were rescued. And the peak boating season is still a long way off.

Part of the increase in boating accidents is because of the growing number of boats on Tennessee waters. That’s particularly true on congested lakes such as Percy Priest and Old Hickory.

And part of the problem, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, is failure to obey safety regulations and measures.

The Agency plans to continue its crackdown on Boating Under the Influence (BUI) and other violations.

Mussel problems

The TWRA has alerted aquarium owners not to use a product called “Moss Balls” because it may introduce invasive Zebra Mussels into the water.

The mussels have caused major problems in northern states in recent years, clogging industrial plumbing systems and damaging recreational equipment. Zebra Mussels also smother and destroy native mussels.

Aquarium users are reminded never to empty tanks in lakes or streams. In the case of the Moss Balls products, they should not be emptied into sinks that could put them into drains and other outlets.

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