In a battle of top district teams, McGavock fell to Hillsboro 57-52 at home last Tuesday night.

The Raiders trailed nearly the entire game, thanks to a poor start on offense. The Burros held McGavock’s typically high-powered offense to seven points in the first period and 20 in the first half.

Senior guards Marvin Hughes and Monte’ Streate put up huge scoring nights throughout the season but were held without a field goal in the first half.

McGavock head coach Paul Childress said Hillsboro’s style of defense forced the Raiders out of easier shots in the first half.

“In the first half, everything was from the outside,” Childress said. “We took a lot of jump shots, and that’s kind of normal against a team that likes to pack it in that way. Second half, we decided to go four-out and feed the post.”

The adjusted offense helped the Raiders score 21 points in the third and kept the game within reach.

Despite the slow start, the Raiders tied the game with a little more than a minute left and had a chance to tie the game in their final possession. Childress called a timeout to set up a final play.

The play broke down, and senior Zion Hicks drove the ball into the paint and got the ball ripped away from him. Despite some contact, there was no foul called. Childress was not pleased with the execution of the play or what he thought was a foul.

“That was not drawn up. Pretty upset about not getting the play that we drew up. And yes, that was definitely a foul, but it wasn’t called, so we’ll move on.”

Hillsboro is one of the best teams in McGavock’s district, and the two teams will see each other again later in the season and possibly again in the district tournament. So Childress knows, despite the loss, there is valuable experience in a game like that.

“You learn a lot. And I think the kids learn a lot,” Childress said. “They see the physicality of the game, playing against a team like Hillsboro. Hillsboro’s very gritty, play tough defense. You’re not going to see many people score over 60 points on them. That’s something you got to fight through.

McGavock picks up its schedule at Hunters Lane on Friday night.


Hillsboro (57): J.P. Pegues 20, Jalen Macon 19, Ryan Wilcox 8, Darron Parrish 6, Desmond Henderson 3 and Tehlor Burford 1.

McGavock (52): Mike Dowlen 14, Marvin Hughes 13, Dylan Wade 9, Monte’ Streate 8, Zion Hicks 5 and Devian Bowen 3.

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